Test picture

27 08 2008

A photo upload of me in my younger days.

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A test

27 08 2008

A simple test of blogging with the iPhone.

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A quick revelation..

5 07 2008

For the first time..since 2000, i had a dream in which my knee did NOT blow out.   Finally!     I just had my 4th knee surgery in May, and things are starting to look up.  Things literally feel different about this one.

Anyways, i’ve had surgeries before and obviously none of them worked, but it was the fact that every dream i’ve had that involved running or playing games, ended in me blowing my knee out.    Even in my dreams it was haunting me.  I couldnt get it to stop, it would litereally wake me up some nights.

Last night however, was different.    I was running, but at the same time, i was inside someone else’s head.  Seeing what they were seeing…watching me run.  I saw myself jump, i also saw myself about to land on my left leg.  Before i landed, the observer that i was took off running towards the running “me”  expecting that i would blow my knee out upon landing.   When i finally caught up to myself, I was laughing.   This threw the observing “me” off.  I came running expecting pain, and what i saw was the exact opposite.   The running “me” was laughing because he knew what should’ve happened..what had always happened in times like these.  It didnt though.   The running “me” was perfectly fine.

It doesnt sound like much of a dream at all, but to anyone who’s ever had a recurring injury, you know that 90% of it is psychological.   No matter if a surgery actually fixes the problem, you’re nowhere near able to get up and do the things you used to.    My dreams of blowing out my knee just reinforced that fact.

I woke up this morning and couldnt stop thinking about the dream.   I think that maybe..just maaayybe my mind is willing to let me go from this prison i’ve been locked up in.

Back to reality

29 06 2008

No cryptic blogs today.. No realizations of Self.  lol  see thats funny because my last name is Sel…..nevermind.

So, Dec 18th.    The day i meet the “M” word head on.   I was on this road before and it didnt work out..like preparing for a long road trip w/o packing anything, or filling up the tank for that matter.  This time feels different though..my bags are packed…fuel tank is full..and i’m ready to crack these windows and let the wind blow in.

There is something i wish i could change..the fact that im over 3,500 miles away from THE girl..and THE planning of THE day….and will be until about Dec 15th.   Talk about frustrating.

She has a website built about THE day..and im gonna do a little test here.    To see if anyone actually READS my blogs…i will only post the site if i get two (2) comments..thats it…just two.   So..get to it, and wish us luck.

An Addiction

9 06 2008

Slowly but surely..you’ll learn about the little addictions i have.

For starters…Diggnation.

If you’ve never heard of it..never seen it, it is in my humble opinion that you are missing out.

I could go on and on about why i like it, but i’ve found an article written by someone else that although a little old, describes it pretty well.  For those that are interested..Diggnation is up to episode #153

Diggnation: Why we Digg it so much

Posted Aug 16th 2005 4:36PM by Ryan Saghir
Filed under: Reviews, Technology

Diggnation, the weekly podcast for the social bookmarking engine Digg.com, is now on it’s seventh episode and in only a month and a half has taken Podcasting audiences by storm. Within it’s first few weeks, it quickly shot up the ranks of the iTunes Podcast Directory (as well as other directories), and has in the process created a fan-following for a Podcast like no other (buy your t-shirts here).

Why has it grown so quickly in popularity? Sure, you can attribute it to the huge number of the Digging masses subscribing to the show (not to mention the iTunes hack *cough*) but Diggnation hasn’t just jumped in popularity and fizzled out, it continues to grow by leaps and bounds. And to tell you the truth, it’s one of the only Podcasts I listen to that I can’t wait to hear the next episode. It truly captures you from beginning to end.

So let’s disect it a bit and maybe we can learn a thing or two from Diggnation’s skillz.

1. DiggnationThe Opening Music. Lasting no longer than 15 seconds, Diggnation starts off with different music everytime (ok, Episode 6 had a quote from the movie “Fear and Loathing”). Usually the music is something with some hype behind it, so you get revved up immediately.

2. The Introductions. Next, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht always announce the episode number, the name of the podcast, and the basic purpose of the podcast on EVERY EPISODE. This is key for people who subscribe to a billion podcast feeds and for new listeners alike.

3. Diggnation The Beer. On every episode of Diggnation, both Kevin and Alex pound back some beers while chatting with us. It’s a nice touch because you get the feeling that you’re hanging out with the crew bullshitting about geek stuff. Plus it adds an ongoing bit they can fall back on (snarfing the beer, talking about how it’s going to their head, dropping it, etc) to prevent dead-air.

4. The Voice. Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht actually DON’T have the classic deep “Radio Voices” we’ve been exposed to for so long on terrestrial radio. They also don’t do the cheesy wacky-radio-guy “Heeyyy everybody!” voice either. No, instead they talk normally as if they were talking to a group of people in front of them. What’s really nice is that both Kevin and Alex have very distinct voices. You can tell one apart from the other very quickly and that makes for a more exciting recording.

Their voices also keep you awake. Sure, they’re both ex-TechTV guys, so they understand the basics in broadcasting, but they break the mold of classic broadcasting by speeking very rapidly, which only serves to fortify the geeky aspect of the show. They have a level of excitment in their voices that really keeps the listener tuned in. Pitch, tempo, clarity – all these things are extremely important when Podcasting.

5. DiggnationThe Personality. Each Diggnation Podcast has a purpose – to talk about the top stories of the week – but it’s the comedy and human side of Diggnation that connects the listner to them. Alex serves as almost the comic-relief while Kevin balances him out – perfect. They talk about the stories, and then veer off into a tangent that leads to crazy discussions that a bunch of friends would be having while just hanging out.

And I think that’s really the beauty of Diggnation – just a bunch of geeks just hanging out talking about geek stuff. The sound quality if great, the conversation is awesome, and you feel connected with them. Not like listening to a guy in a room talking to himself, but rather as part of the Digg experience.

I digg it.

Check out their website at http://www.diggnation.com

Follow me on twitter

8 06 2008

Yes, i realize by giving out my twitter information it gives away a little of my identity, but so what?   You dont know me, and a name wont change that.


A formal introduction

8 06 2008

The first blog was a little cryptic huh?    Yea, i thought you’d say that.

Before, i told you all the things you wouldnt know about me… Now, i’ll tell you a few things that you will.

I’m 23, and I live in Pearl Harbor, HI.     Well…i dont live, i just kind of am..in Pearl Harbor.   Nobody ever really lives in Hawaii, except the locals.  The rest…just exist.    I don’t exist here by choice.   I exist here by the Navy’s choice.   That’s something else that your allowed to know…I’m in the Navy.

Most of you reading this are probably wondering how someone can live in Hawaii and not enjoy themselves….paradise right?  I’ll put it this way.. Hawaii may be one of the top vacation spots, but it definitely is not one of the top places to live.

I have an addictive personality.  Very addictive.  So you’ll have to forgive me if blogging for me doesnt last more than a few weeks.   Until i find my new addiction at least.  I have a very hard time discovering what it is that makes up ME.. my likes, dislikes, passions, etc..   You would too if they changed without a moments notice.

So for now, to help extend the blogging life in the world of Mr. Addictive..i’ll use this blog as a sounding off board for the moments in my life that i feel are worth sharing…worth talking about..worth blogging.

Until next time…